HITS DAILY DOUBLE: Paging Dr. Feegood

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Noted psychologist and multitasker Doctor Zwig, who recently posted his “Top Ten Ways to Thrive in This Challenging Time” (see below), has put his mental-health advice to music, as he is wont to do from time to time. Indeed, he’s racked up nine Top 10 singles on the AC chart over the years.

Dr. Zwig’s latest single, “Can You Feel This Love,” scheduled for 9/4, is about “connecting with the place in yourself that’s beyond all the current craziness.”

Taking the challenge from the good doctor, we HITS losers connected with our current craziness and found it wasn’t all that different from the old craziness.

Dr. Zwig’s Top Ten Ways to Thrive in This Challenging Time:

10. Approach this time as an opportunity for you to change and grow, not as a situation you just have to endure.

9. Develop an inspiring daily practice (working out, doing yoga, meditating, practicing a skill, studying, etc.) that will help you advance in your life.

8. Take charge and complete all the unbegun or unfinished tasks you know you should or want to do but never have the time or energy for. It will empower you and make you feel great!

7. Whether you’re an adult out of work and/or a parent with children out of school, structure all seven days of the week, including regular bedtimes and wake-ups.

6. Exercise. Work out at home, and finish with a cold shower! Play games with your kids such as tag, hide-and-seek, and red rover. Hikes can be used to teach children about nature, plants, animals, and birds.

5. Calm your children by providing them rational and accurate information about the pandemic and protests. Make sure they don’t internalize toxic messages they hear from friends and online.

4. Be proactively aware of your state of mind and stress level. If you feel you need help, there are many online resources to choose from.

3. Ask yourself how you can contribute to social justice. Educate yourself about an issue you feel passionate about and find out what’s happening with it in your local area. Donate to an impactful organization.

2. Create a positive vision of your life for when things get back to normal, and begin embodying it now by meditating on it daily.

1. Check out my new song, “Can You Feel This Love,” coming out on September 4th. It’s about connecting with the place in yourself that’s beyond all the current craziness.