Steven Tyler Makes Rare Stop at Sixx Sense with Nikki SiXX

Los Angeles, CA — (05.10.11) Steven Tyler made a rare stop to appear with old friend and fellow rock icon Nikki Sixx on Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx for an intimate conversation broadcast tonight on Sixx Sense at 7pm local time. Tyler gave Sixx his first in depth radio interview – connecting on a personal level about their common goal of finding and breaking new artists, Tyler through his role as a judge on American Idol and Sixx as host of the radio show syndicated to over 70 alternative and mainstream rock stations by Premiere Networks. In a deep and personal interview, Tyler sat down with Sixx to talk about his new autobiography, “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?,” becoming a judge on American Idol, his new single (his first US solo single ever), “(It) Feels So Good” and to catch up on lives well lived. Both icons of rock can boast a literal return from the dead to now being on top of the world.
Nikki Stevens

“We got to really talk about how important it is to give young artists a shot,” said Sixx who leads by example. “The audience is dying for new rock stars and Steven and I are using our new positions in the media to introduce the future of the music industry,” he continued. Hear their conversation tonight on Sixx Sense at 7pm local time (

Unlike the years that Aerosmith and Mtley Cre spent together on tour, recording albums in the same studio and coming up through the clubs, talent is now discovered differently and these two heroes of rock are committed to finding the artists with quality of content.

Sixx Sense just celebrated a year on the air and is complimented by The Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx, which airs on the weekends. The daily program, Sixx Sense airs at 7pm local time Monday-Friday. Both radio shows as well as American Idol offer a platform to discover and deliver new music on the modern launching pads of mainstream television and radio. Sixx Sense can also be heard on its own SiriusXM Satellite Radio channel airing 24/7 on XM 161, Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx ( and on the Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx channel on Clear Channel Radio’s digital platform iheartradio.

Each night on Sixx Sense, international rock icon, founder/bassist/songwriter of the world-renowned band Mtley Cre and chart-topping band Sixx:A.M., New York Times best-selling author, clothing designer, philanthropist and photographer Nikki Sixx discusses music and lifestyle topics as he gives friend, rockers and other personalities a comfortable setting to talk openly about anything and everything with the audience listening in. Sixx is also incredibly active on his social networks, engaging with fans thru twitter, Facebook and his website. (For more information, please visit Fans can also follow Sixx on Twitter <> and Facebook < The show’s become the place to hear it first for guests from all walks of life, including rock royalty, the first man on the moon, authors, actors and everyone in between. Dave Grohl, Jared Leto, Lemmy Kilmister, Perez Hilton, Rob Halford, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz, Dog The Bounty Hunter and others.

Sixx Sense has become the go to destination for special musical announcements including the launch of OZZFest, on site broadcasts (Rock on the Range), album premieres and specials – Slash recorded a special track by track breakdown with Sixx. Sixx Sense is a must stop for announcements of all kinds.