SIXX:A.M. Scores First Top 10 Album Debut with This Is Gonna Hurt

(New York, NY) – Sixx:A.M.’s second album, This Is Gonna Hurt – the follow up to 2008’s The Heroin Diaries – has sold over 30,000 copies in its first week and gave the band their first Top 10 debut on The Billboard 200 chart. The 11-track CD that Billboard proclaims “redefines the meaning of beauty” and AOL adds is “boasting 11 radio-baiting tracks” is also the soundtrack to Nikki Sixx’s New York Times bestselling book “This Is Gonna Hurt,” which debuted at #4.

“Writing and producing this record has been one of the greatest, yet challenging experiences of my life. Weaving the breathtaking imagery of the book with the heart and soul of these songs and then watching how people are connecting with it on such a deep level is truly special,” says vocalist James Michael.

Guitarist Dj Ashba adds, “Digging into this subject matter and pushing ourselves musically has been the most rewarding adventure so far. This is music that when we’re long gone, people will still be learning from it.”

This Is Gonna Hurt has already produced a Top 5 rock radio hit with “Lies of the Beautiful People,” which is the follow up to the breakout hit and 2008’s most played rock song, “Life Is Beautiful.”

Allen Kovac, Chairman/CEO of The Eleven Seven Music Group, Sixx:A.M.’s record label says, “With the success of The Heroin Diaries and now This Is Gonna Hurt, Sixx:A.M. has distinguished themselves as an important band with a message.”

The band recently partnered with Hulu to premiere their series of documentaries, giving fans an introspective look into the creative process for the This Is Gonna Hurt project. The documentaries also feature commentary from Sixx’s photography subjects who were the inspiration for Sixx:A.M.’s music on This Is Gonna Hurt. To view the documentary series, please visit

Sixx:A.M. is the rock band formed in 2007 by Nikki Sixx (bass), Dj Ashba (guitar) and James Michael (vocals). Their debut album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, sold over 300,000 copies, and the single, “Life Is Beautiful,” became radio’s most played rock song of 2008.

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