Washington Post: The Grammy bump

The Grammy bump

The 53rd Grammy Awards ceremony, taking place Feb. 13 at 8 p.m., will bestow more than glory upon the winners in the key categories. Historically, artists taking home top honors have been able to count on a boost in album sales as American viewers pull out their wallets in response to the music academy’s endorsement. Below, explore the Grammy bumps for winners of the coveted Album of the Year award over the past two decades.

Album of the Year

Sales totals from the two weeks before the Grammys to the two weeks following

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NOTE: Some weekly sales data starts in the middle of the week. In these cases, weekly sales data in which a majority of the week fell before or after the Grammy Awards was used for before or after sales, respectively.

SOURCE: Nielsen SoundScan. GRAPHIC: Wilson Andrews and Mike McPhate / The Washington Post – Feb. 11, 2011.