Brandweek: Milk Rocks!

brandweek2_92208Back in the day, the back of a milk carton would likely be graced with the image of a missing person, but someday it could showcase, say, Missing Persons. New York-based MilkMedia has developed the Milk Rocks! program, a school initiative that intends to up the cool factor of moo juice by associating it with kid-friendly pop, rock, rap, soul and country artists on milk cartons, book covers, lunchroom posters and other school materials.

The program, which uses the power of pop to spread the word about health, nutrition and exercise on branded cartons of milk, targets elementary, middle and high school students at 95,000 schools in the U.S. The medium has encompassed as many as 24 million milk cartons per day.

Evergreen Packaging Group, Memphis, manufactures the gable-top milk cartons for MilkMedia.

Currently, the cartons are running a panel featuring the “Be A Milk Rock Star” promotion with earnest pop group the Plain White T’s. In addition to strong bones, the winner gets to play on stage with the band. Also, there’s “Wanna Rock Out with Milkshake?” in which a student will win a chance to appear in a video for the appropriately named band Milkshake. The redundantly named pop concoction Britney Christian visits schools to perform and spread the word on nutrition.

Previous milk mashups were with Rascal Flatts, Elliott Yamin, Flyleaf, Ludo and the stars of the Bratz movie.